Scan and Fax Paper Documents with Your Camera Phone

The digital camera on your phone just got a lot more powerful. Qipit is a free service that converts photos that you snap in to JPGs or PDFs which can then be emailed, shared of faxed to others. Just signed a contract that you need to fax ASAP? Snap a photo of it, and Qipit takes care of the rest. Qipit will even automatically forward your qipit digital copies in PDF format to your email address. A free account gives you unlimited emailing and faxing of qipit digital copies and up to 100 pages of storage space for qipit digital copies. The service is compatible with most popular camera phones, but check out the compatibility page to see whether or not your device is compatible or not and what features it may or or may not be compatible with. Obviously, the better the camera is on your phone, the better the results.

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