Sanjaya's Weak Mohawk & Performance!

oh my goodness! my cute pal brendan warned me earlier this evening from the east coast that i'd be shocked when i saw sanjaya malakar's hair on **american idol** and oh man he was so fucking right - i literally almost passed out...what the hell was he thinking? i'm pissed off by his mo/fauxhawk hair & horrible performance of a classic & awesome no doubt track bathwater! (oh gwen stefani i feel your pain...)

oh my word - it was the worst along with **chris sligh** murdering the police - ugh! yet after tonight i've got a new favorite - yes it's ms. **gina glocksen** who kicked tons of ass covering the pretenders with her rendition of i'll stand by you! and yes chris richardson makes me super horny - i like blake lewis too but mr. richardson is my main idol hunk! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo! (if you can bear it check out sanjaya's hair below plus i added a video of his performance for those who missed it!)

PS please please please tell me that someone else watch the finale of dirt tonight - it totally kicked major ass - i loved it! here's to the hope of a second season!

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