Salton YM7 Yogurt Maker with 7 Individual Cups, White ...

Model: YM7

After the great success with the Salton One Quart Electronic Fresh Yogurt Maker Model# YM9, which was sold out very quickly, Here is another Salton Yogurt Maker with a little higher price, but still lower than any other site around.

Salton’s newest addition to the yogurt maker line this unit features 7 individual 6 once glass jars to make single serve portions of fresh homemade yogurt in different flavors if desired. Each jar has a fitted lid for storage after the yogurt making process is complete. The unit has a clear cover with a timer reminder on the lid. There is also an on off switch mounted on the front of the unit.

Linda was happy with this unit, here is what she writes;

Following the simple recipe and procedure outlined in the booklet that came with the yogurt maker resulted in delicious yogurt. **I** used Dannon plain fat free yogurt as a starter along with fat free milk and a half cup of powdered milk as suggested.

**I** allowed it to process for eight hours and the finished product was very near in taste to the Dannon.

The jars are sturdy glass with heavy plastic snap on lids. Nice quality and easy to clean.

Product Features:

• The unit makes 7 seperate 6oz jars of yogurt
• Includes 7 six ounce glass jars

• Glass jars have fitted lids

• There is a timer reminder on the lid

• Clear cover to watch the process

• On off switch on front of the unit

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