"Russian Rapunzel's" Death Ruled as Suicide ...

Ruslana Korshunova seemed to have it all. She was young, slim, tall, and her stunning beauty earned her the nickname “**Russian Rapunzel**”. In 2005, she was hailed by British Vouge as the “**face to be excited about**”. Russian Vouge and French Elle called her the “**fashion’s muse of the moment**”. Her modeling **work spanned **Marc Jacobs, DKNY **and **Nina Ricci -everything that other **models **would die for.

So why did she take her life last June 28? Here’s the latest news about her death:

The mother of dead Russian super model, Ruslana Korshunova, has arrived in New York to take her daughter’s body home. Ruslana plunged from her ninth floor apartment in a Manhattan ****high rise, in what police say was almost certainly suicide. She died four days before turning 21.

Police in New York reported no signs of a struggle inside the model’s apartment **and witnesses say they saw her **leap **from her balcony on **Saturday, just three days shy of her 21st birthday.
-Aftermath News

According to the medical examiner’s office, the cause of death was “**blunt impact injuries**”.

Even the **supermodel’s **boyfriend had no inkling why Ruslana decided to take her own life in that desperate plunger from her **Manhattan **apartment.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the NYDailynews, a close friend said that when Ruslana broke onto the global modeling scene in 2005, she hated her hectic life.

“**I'm so lost, will I ever find myself**?" were the words that she wrote in March on her page on a Russian ****social networking site.

It’s unfortunate that a stunner like her would have to succumb to what seemed to be a bout of depression **- but for a young **Kazakhstani model to suddenly find herself being thrown in the **limelight **in a foreign land -it all may have proven to be too much.

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