Royal Wedding: Wear Hats! Have You Got Yours?


The Royal Wedding organizers have made a public appeal to Wedding watchers to wear a wedding hat! In an attempt to involve those gathering in London in the proceedings, the organizers have asked everyone to dress up, and make the wedding glamorous. They’ve even arranged hat making workshops for children attending the event!

Two screens have been arranged in Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square, and organizers have announced that images of guests arriving in their hats will be shown to Prince William and his new wife on the day. As well as watching the wedding, guests at the two locations can enjoy live bands, Pimms and cake. There’s even entertainment for the children!

With just three days to go, though, where does one find a hat good enough for a Royal wedding?! I haven’t even decided what to wear. Have you bought a hat to wear on Friday, or do you know of an amazing style? I’d love to see it! I wonder where the Queen gets hers?

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