Royal Wedding: a Cake Fit for a Queen!


There was much speculation over who Kate and William would choose to make their wedding cake, and how they’d theme their day. They announced they wished to make the wedding personal to them, but with billions of eyes set to watch the couple wed, these were big decisions!

When you are getting married in Westminster Abbey, with 1,900 famous guests in attendance and in a bespoke wedding dress, not just any cake will do. The press went wild with reports of who might provide the cake, but the Royal Couple had already made their choice. They have given the task of designing a gorgeous cake to Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns, a baker famed for her delicious, handmade goodies.

The design of the cake has been kept under wraps, but just glancing through Fiona’s website proves that it is sure to be exquisite. The couple have requested the design incorporate the four national flowers, a thistle for Scotland, a rose for England, a daffodil for Wales and a shamrock for Northern Ireland. I can’t wait to see the finished product...and I might attempt to make some of these gorgeous Union Jack Fiona Cairns designed cakes for myself!

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