Rock Amp Republic Fall 2008

Black, purple and leather were the running themes of Rock & Republic's Fall 2008 collection.

Dresses were figure-hugging and ranged in lengths, leather jackets were trimmed with fur or accessorized with belts and tuxedo jackets were well tailored.

This was a very wearable collection, and will go a long way to dispelling the myth that Rock & Republic only make jeans.

View the whole collection here.

Sophia Bush is on a one woman mission to attend every show, and who can blame her.

Joss Stone's invites to Fashion Week shows continue to baffle me. Maybe the designers are looking to help her, because she has no style.

Christian Milian finally decided that the mop or whatever it was on top of her head had to go, and opted for this sexier, sleeker look.

Ally Hilfiger is sporting a lollypop head and a gorgeous silk cobalt blue top.

Via Celebrity Pictures, Entertainment News Photo ... & Via Rock & Republic Fall 2008 ...