Rob Zombie's Halloween!

hey hey! i tried to make it down to the beach - but something came up i had to deal with - so perhaps next weekend i can get my sand & surf on! i'm sure most of you have heard by now that 1978's classic horror film halloween (directed by john carpenter) has been revisited (or if you prefer updated & re-imagined) by metal rocker turned director rob zombie - normally i'm not such a fan of film remakes (especially when the original still holds up today) but i'm a huge fan of mr. zombie - his first two films house of 1000 corpses & the devil's rejects both had great style & gore - i'm very curious to see how he handled his latest film project (at least two things remain the same - villain 'michael meyers' & the haunting theme music...but no jamie lee curtis who rocked as the original 'laurie strode') the new **halloween** (join the film on myspace) hits theaters at the end of this month on august 31st! (if it does well at the box-office (which i assume it will) we might be seeing plenty more remakes of kick-ass horror films) make sure to watch the scary trailer below which was just released! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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