River Square Tote by Sang a

February 28, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: BrS

River Square Tote by Sang A
While I was browsing over at Vivre.com, I stumble across this interesting bag by the actress/singer turned bag designer, Sang A. It’s called the River Square Tote and is made from richly-colored python. But not only is this bag yellow (Vivre.com describes it as matte bone), but its square! This unique little number certainly would receive some second looks as it strolled down the street! What makes this bag even more intriguing is the repetition of the square shape. The hardware located at the base of the handles, as well as the zipper pull, are all squares. For added convenience, the bag also features an optional shoulder strap and a front pocket for your keys. A good sized tote, it measures 13″ x 16″ x 3½”. Although this bag, with its $2,450 price tag, would probably not be found in my own collection, I can definitely say that I would admire anyone I saw carrying it. Who knows, perhaps it will be you!

Check it out here at: Vivre.com

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