Rimmel Lash Maxx Mascara – Expert Review ...

This Rimmel mascara features a newly designed applicator in the style of a comb. Sounds like a clever concept so we tested it out…
Type of Mascara: Thickening
Colours Available: Black & Brown
Price Range: Cheap
Product Claims:
3X Lash Multiplying Effect mascara with breakthough zero clump applicator.
My Experience:
I have very a very fine sprinkling of lashes so to find a mascara that could create triple the thickness I was all ears…or should I say ‘eyes’! When I realized the innovative new applicator was a comb I was instantly concerned! In my experience, a comb dipped in formula and applied to lashes creates only one effect – clumping! However, I hoped to be proven wrong so I went to work on my lashes with the ‘zero clump applicator’! I was impressed! I could reach the root of my lashes and comb a nice even coating of formula over each and every lash creating amazing separation and definition. My lashes looked visibly lengthened, light and feathery. The formula was perfect in consistency and there wasn’t even a hint of clumping. It dried like a dream and wore beautifully all day long without even a tiny smudgling! I love this mascara, I guess I love it even more because I was initially apprehensive about this style of applicator!
Overall Rating: Excellent
Price: $7.49 at amazon.com
Have you tried this product or any other mascara that has a comb applicator? If so, did you like the results?

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