Right on Target ...

I had a smile on my face all day when I came across Intuition's latest exclusive line, Target couture. No, not that Target though the bullseye is familiar, and the association is what made me laugh.

***Newsflash: as alerted by a reader, it is in fact that target. The store known for good design at a better price teamed up with Jaye Hersh, the owner of Intuition, to create the line which is the reverse of the usual Target fare of expensive brand, low price. This is lower end brand at a premium...interesting concept, and fascinating that Target is sort of turning the whole cheap chic notion on it's head. Thanks to the annonymous commenter who alerted me to the error!***

The line is a fairly extensive group of products, running the gamut from small accessories like belts and pill boxes to clothing like jeans and tops. Naturally, it wouldn't be mentioned here if bags weren't among the designs.

There are a few handbags available, but my personal favorite is this canvas tote:

It's so retro Gucci looking, the sort of bag your grandma carried until the handles fell apart, but the bullseye logo makes it tongue in cheek...or would that be tongue in chic?

The trim is all leather, the top zips shut, and the interior is chock full of pockets for all your stuff.
At $100, it's pretty affordable for a bag that is useful as well as novel.
It's available exclusively from Intuition.

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