REVIEW: Nolita Molding Clay

Nolita Molding Clay
This looks like mud and feels like rubber cement, but boy does it make hair look good.

I wash my hair at night, then with damp hair, apply a pea size (yep,that's it..just a pea..) rubbed between my hands and pressed and scrunched into my hair. Go to sleep. (I know, with slightly damp hair and all....) and wake up with the most amazing full, naturally wavy super duper thick hair. My hair feels thick, full and clean. I've tried it on dry hair and it just doesn't do the same thing. Just makes my hair greasey.

Who knew that styling my hair could be so easy and look so good? I'm loving my hair again...........

Available at a salon near you.

Tags: Nolita, Molding Clay, hair styling

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