Review: Mario Badescu Skincare

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As much as I love lingering in the aisles of the Sephora store that's less than a block from my office, spritzing myself with a new scent here, applying a touch of bronzer there, and even rubbing a bit luxurious caviar cream on my forearms, I have to admit that I don't actually spend a lot of money on the high-end beauty products they sell there. I am, as you know, the original Drugstore Beauty Queen.

When it comes to cosmetics, drugstore products can't really be beat on value. However, I do understand that there can be quite a quality differential when it comes to skin care. Yes, I still won't let go of my Oil of Olay and Garnier facial cloths from Aisle 9 at the local CVS, but there are times, mostly work stress associated, when I need to go with the big guns in skin care. I am talking about the $40 bottle of facial cleanser.

So, Mario Badescu doesn't actually run that high ($20 for a 16 oz bottle of facial cleansing gel), but it's still a step up from Cetaphil. I tried Mario Badescu's skin care regimen for a week, and here are my conclusions:

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