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Well, after catching a fierce cold after doing a old nighter photo shoot, and days in bed sick (cough cough!) I decided to treat myself a little and see if I could get myself back amongst the land of the living. I thought a little beauty R&R would do me some good.

Hmm, I'll have some german chocolate cake please!

Sounds good huh? Well, it's not really what you think.
I decided on some body & bath R & R.

Enters Inky Loves Nature's "Warrior Queen Cleanser". At first, it took me awhile to figure out what cleanser this was. Small print on the hang tag finally told me it was "Peppermint Dark Chocolate" only after I poured out the cleanser. A thick dark chocolate brown cleanser left me a little startled and well, I won't tell you what I was thinking. The chocolatey scent saved the day. Detergent free, this super light foam (don't expect much lather) left my skin soft and smelling like chocolate heaven with it's 100% Vegan and with ingredients listed as: Coconut milk, dark chocolate extract, green tea extract, egyptian peppermint and chocolate aroma.

Well, a girl's just gotta be feeling a little better after that.

Then came the Ginger Sweet Coconut "Magical Melanin Moisturizer". This stuff is so thick, I couldn't get anything to come out of the pump, and squeezing it through the open bottle was like squeezing out cookie dough. Super thick, and super organic. Organic oats, coconut milk, coconut extract, maple extract and ginger gets skin super smooth, yet slippery which took a long time to sink into the skin.

Though the little glitzes (small print and somewhat unappealing look and thickness of the products) made me hesitant, the scent and super natural concepts of Leesah B. (it's creator) leave me applauding. Where else will you find a brand whose motto is:

NO synthetic colors, DEAs, SLS, Sulfates, Urea, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Parabens or Formaldehyde donars. And ALL of her products are totally committed to being 100% exclusively certified Vegan (NO animal derived ingredients -this includes NO Honey , Silk or Beeswax) and she is proud to be a 100% Black owned (BOCC), 100% woman owned and 100% hands on company. She donates 1% of her annual net revenue to support small African communities, the Environment and helping her animal friends. This means when you buy an inky product, you contribute too. And all Inky Loves Nature products are 100% guaranteed.

Ya just gotta love that!

Inky Loves Nature

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