Review: Fiber Wig

My curiously drove me to buy this $22 Fiber Wig mascara. It was a strong curiosity because it has been a year since I retired myself from designer mascara. I was a Dior Show fan, then a Chanel fan...basically I tried it all once. Then I discovered for less than $5 I could get the same results at the drug store.

But this stuff is flying off the shelves in Japan and is now sold at Sephora (and only at Sephora). And I can see why...its cool and different. This mascara consists of tiny little fibers that cling on to your lashes and make them look like falsies. This "technology" if you will made it seem worth it for me to go against my $5 rule.

I tested it on one eye and compared them to my other eye with regular mascara; it does make your lashes longer. Looking like fakies that is to be determined...I have only used it once but I will keep you posted.

Have any of you used this product? What do you think of it? Mascara miracle or just another fad?

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