Repeat Trend- Florals


Como Estan!!!

I told ya'll the Floral look would be here for a while. Last year, the stores and the runways were crammed with this print. When the floral season arrives, the floral season in fashion comes too. What makes it different this year is that floral print is being highlighted with the bohemian look. Forever 21 features a lot of pretty garments that focus on this look. (And they're really cheap too!) Me Despido Por Ahora

I have been looking for some new hair shine products lately. I've been using the flat iron a little too much lately and my luster is lacking. I thought I'd try Special Effects Silk Drops. I had been eyeing it when I worked at a drugstore a while ago. While Silk Drops did absolutely nothing for me as far as shine, it was perfect for taming frizz and flyaways. I am happy with this product because I don't like to always use thick hair wax to smooth down those unruly hair pieces into shape. Silk Drops is very, very light weight.