Reese Fuming over Jen and Jake Kiss


Apparently the GLAAD Awards - the little flirtations and cleavage ogling between Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston sent Reese Witherspoon into a tizzy.

Reports are swirling that Reese has issued a “hand off” warning to Aniston.

Now look at these photos…

Now, check out Jake eyeballing Jennifer’s cleavage…

And tell me…Does Reese have reason to be pissed?

I’m thinking this pair could give sexy Brangelina a run for their money!

Jake Gyllenhaal might actually be a trade up from Aniston’s ex husband Brad Pitt who is currently cohabitating with Angelina Jolie and their mini-world of kiddos.

I do have to wonder though, what would this couple be called?

Jakifer? Jakiston? Jenehaal?


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photo source The Bosh

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