Reebok Freestyle Limited Edition

To celebrate25 years of Reebok's eighties-tastic Freestyle trainers they are releasing limited editions which will mix up their '80s style with newer influences. There will be 12 editions in all, one a month for the the year starting from today. These trainers were the aerobics trainers of the '80s, as worn by Cindy Crawford and Paula Abdul; Cybill Shepherd wore a bright orange pair, with a black strapless gown, at the 1985 Emmy Awards. With nu-rave, '80s fashion and short trousers making a comeback it looks like Reebok picked the perfect moment to relaunch their iconic shoes, but for some people the Reebok Freestyle never went away. Their first shoe, the candle, has got festive candles and glittery silver ankle straps.

Lily Allen designs for New Look

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