7 Reasons Why Johnny Depp is so Sexy ...

Can you even count the reasons why Johnny Depp is so sexy? Well, if I can stop sighing and gazing at his picture Iโ€™ll tell youโ€ฆ Actor, producer, writer, musician, John Christopher Depp II, born June 9 1963, Oscar Nominee (Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland, Sweeney Todd) Golden Globes winner (Sweeney Todd) is top of my sexiest men list because for a number of reasons. Just look at that resume! But it goes far beyond that, as you'll see by my list of reasons why Johnny Depp is so sexy. To start off with, he's sexy because:

1. Of His Eyes

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His eyes are one of the main reasons why Johnny Depp is so sexy. Donโ€™t you think you could just drown in them? They twinkle and smile when he smiles. Heโ€™s a real star with stars in his eyes. Plus the fact, heโ€™s just so sexy.

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