7 Reasons Men Drag Their Feet ...

You are not the only girl in the world wondering why guys can never seem to make any type of commitment at all! It can be so frustrating, especially when you think you've finally found the one. But the truth is, there are specific reasons men drag their feet! Surprising? It's true! The sooner you understand what the reasons are, the sooner you can take steps to help prevent it. Men are hardwired differently than women, so it's no wonder we don't always think on the same page. But if you would like to know 7 reasons why men drag their feet, then keep reading this article because you will soon be enlightened!

1. Why He Drags His Feet Asking You out

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Have you noticed that more and more lately, it seems to be women who are asking guys out than the other way around? Call me old-school, but I still believe that the man should be the one to make the first move and pursue the woman. But the fact is, the reason men drag their feet when it comes to asking you out is because he is afraid of being rejected! One thing that takes a hard hit on a man is being turned down by a woman. Their self esteem is so important to them, they would rather not risk being rejected, so they just wait for you to come to them. My take on that is simple: men are getting lazy and waiting for the woman to do the work!

2. Why He Drags His Feet Sealing the Deal

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It today's day and age it's generally assumed that men are just after one thing when they ask you out. While that can be true in some cases, recent research has shown that men have become more hesitant to have casual sex. Why? Because women take that to mean he is serious about a relationship and committing to that, for a man, is a much more serious process than carelessly sleeping with a girl. Most polls online say that guys wait until the fifth or sixth date with a girl before they even bring up the topic.

3. Why He Drags His Feet Committing to a Relationship

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One reason men drag their feet about committing to a relationship is one that raises women's hackles, but it's true. Men like to keep their options open. They automatically notice when a pretty girl enters a room, and whether they admit it or not they are probably wondering if she is a good kisser! A lot of guys tend to think that if another girl comes along that they like better, they will just leave you for her and so they like to keep it casual in order to avoid a big dramatic scene. Not all guys think this way, but commitment is a big step and if your guy is on the fence about it, these are probably thoughts that are going through his head.

4. Why He Drags His Feet Discussing Your Relationship

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"Honey, we need to talk about this". "Babe, what's on your mind?". "Is there anything you need to tell me?". These are all sentences that guys absolutely dread to hear and one of the main reasons men drag their feet when you start saying stuff like this is because men are not emotional. They don't think like women! Us girls like to talk it out, but men just need to work it off. Guys need space and time to sort things through before you just jump him, so don't freak if he doesn't jump right in with you to start dissecting your relationship. Just let him know that you are there if he needs to talk, and leave it at that. Chances are, he will open up to you after he has time to sort it all out!

5. Why He Drags His Feet Tying the Knot

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We live in a society that has raised us to believe that it's ok to never get married if you don't want to. You can just live together and if it doesn't work out, move on. However, long term relationships and marriage have much better benefits in my opinion! Most guys tend to shy away from marriage, and the reason men drag their feet on tying the knot is because they are worried that the commitment will change their lives too drastically for them to handle. Men want a chance to "live" and "be young" before they start dealing with marriage and a commitment to just one girl. As previously mentioned, guys are wired to notice females and if a "better" one comes along, they don't want to be tied to another one.

6. Why He Drags His Feet Having Kids

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While your man may never admit this even to himself, having a kid can scare the heck out of a guy! And especially if he never had the type of father that he wished he did or if his father was never even in the picture. This can give a guy a complex, worrying if he would be a good dad or not. Most guys just decide they would rather wait as long as possible to find out. So that's the reason men drag their feet when it comes to having kids. Another thing that guys wonder about? They don't want to lose their identity or lose you. Not that you would leave, but with a baby around, he may worry that you won't have the time for him that you do now.

7. Why He Drags His Feet on Tiny Issues

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Do you ever get frustrated beyond belief when you can't get your man to fix the bathroom door, order tickets for next months concert you want to go see or make an appointment to go see the doctor? Men don't like to be nagged by women, nor do they like to feel as if they are being "made" to do something. Your best bet is to mention it once, remind him later, and then let it go. If it doesn't get done, then do it yourself or just be patient. Don't be a nag!

I hope my article on 7 reasons why men drag their feet has been helpful to you. I understand that not every man feels this way or has these issues to deal with! There are some amazing men out there who are great husbands and fathers. I am privileged to be married to a great man myself. Do you have any theories on why men drag their feet?

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