Raid EBay for Designer Shoes While the Pound is Powerful!


You may be able to get a good bargain on, but right now savvy Brit shoppers should be looking across the Atlantic for bargains. Yesterday the pound was worth almost two dollars, the strongest it's been since 1992, meaning we can nab amazing bargains on products from the USA, even with higher shipping costs. Take, for example, these Jimmy Choo 'Music' satin sandals. They're selling on eBay for $299 plus shipping of $39. At the current exchange rate, that makes them about £170. In contrast A similar style bought from Net-a-Porter in the UK will set you back £350 plus postage. I've always said we're ripped off for living in the UK, and here's yet more proof. Make the most of the amazing exchange rate while you can...just be careful if you go on too much of a spree, those customs officers have no mercy!

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