Rafe Martina Wood Frame Clutch


As a true-blue, bona fide city slicker, I shy away from accessories that have that borrowed-from-my-country-cousin look, and that usually includes accessories with wood accents. This Rafe Martina Wood Frame Clutch straddles that crossover line, but doesn’t quite make it across the border. Made of laser-cut deer skin in a decidedly asian motif (fitting, considering the designer’s background), and trimmed in a warm wood, the clutch sends strong vacay vibes. While the colors compliment each other in the warm tones, and I can imagine an impossibly chic woman in oversized sunglasses and white linen capris casually fingering the delicate details on this purse at her margarita brunch, I suspect this clutch won’t float well on my island: the island of Manhattan. Save it for Tahiti. Still, if you’d like to pick it up, it’s $325 through Rafe.com.

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