Quick Tips for Some Daily Self Exams


A lot of women may already be familiar with the routine of self-breast examination - but did you know that other parts of your body can be checked, too? And they can clue you in if something's wrong with your health.

Women'sHealthMaggives us a preview of some daily self-exams that we can do right in the comfort of our homes.

One good example is examining your nails. If you see horizontal bands of discoloration on your nails – this could be a sign of kidney problems. This is especially true if you have been feeling fatigued for the past few days.

The 'signs' from your nails mean that the kidneys cannot filter out protein from your urine – so visit a general physician ASAP if you experience these symptoms.

The list from Women'sHealthMag comes complete with daily self-exams for your armpits, eyelids, knees, elbows, scalp, belly, tongue and eyes. Check 'em out.

After all, prevention is better than cure and with these simple steps – you can probably save yourself from a worsening disease as long as you recognize the earlier symptoms when something's amiss with your health!

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