Quick Fix for Frizz & Tone down Brassy Highlights

Fall and Winter are stressful times for hair. The wind is blowing, the air is drier and the environmental effects can damage your locks. Frizz and static electricity are usually the chief complaints. When you find yourself in a hurry and don't have any of the commercial products on hand to help tame the problem, you can simply mix one part baby oil with three parts water in a small spray bottle - shake well and spritz on either wet or damp hair for soft controllable hair. Dry and style as usual.

Summer highlights are wonderful and give you a fresh look for the sunshine months, but many people find as they're going into Fall that their highlights have either faded or taken on a brassy unflattering tone. There are many products that help combat the problem, but the best remedy is to drench freshly shampooed hair in whole milk or heavy cream for 10 minutes. The natural acids in milk and cream help neutralize the brassy color.

Hair breakage is another big complaint for the chilly months ahead and sometimes the easiest way to avoid the problem is to change the way you part your hair every week or two. Parting it in the same spot every day can stress and damage the exposed section of hair. This is also a great time to experiment with different ways of styling your hair.

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