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Jess () wrote the following: "Eyes. I definitely want to know what to do to my eyes. What colors, what products, what tools?"
Hmm. How do I make this easy? Let's see.

First off,
Break the eye down into 3 areas.

1. Bone (or the Part Right under the Eyebrow)

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2. Crease

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3. Lid

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Pick one for focus. Is it a shimmery white on the bone? Depth in the crease? A beautiful color on the lid? Pick one. Keep it simple. And keep light and dark where it is. For example:

Light on the bone or lid only. Dark or depth/color on the lid or crease. No place else.

Next, colors. Which ones? Well, I'm a fan of whatever color you want. But it must be the right one. All colors are either warm or cool. A warm chestnut brown is warm, a dark, grayish brown is cool. A cool ice white is cool, a soft ivory is warm. All colors are either warm or cool, and the best one for you is whatever YOU are. Look at your hair and skin. Are you warm or cool? (And no, pink skin does not make you warm, pink is a discoloration, not a skin color...)

Can't decide how many colors? Choose 3.
Light, medium, dark.
Or you can go light, color, dark.
Put the dark always around the lashes... anywhere else looks muddy, heavy, dark.

Products? oh, so many to choose from. My favs?

1. Mascara: Lancome, Any of Them. Close Second? Revlon's Fabulash Rocks

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2. Eyeshadow: Cargo's, or Prestige (drugstore Brand)

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3. Eyeliner: Those Smooth Gel Liners... Hmm Avon Has One. the One in the Pencil Form, Not Pot

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like Bobbi Brown's. MUCH easier to draw on.

Stay tuned for some more eyeshadow techniques!

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