Putting It Together - a Linen Bedroom


Every corner you turn in Paris you come across something in linen. Somehow it looks better here, maybe it's the light or maybe I just imagine it looks better.

Anyway I have put together a collection of items to make what I term a fabulous Linen Bedroom.

I have a set of Russian Linen Bedding and I can tell you it is THE best fabric to sleep on and it gets better with age as it becomes softer. It's a bit like cashmere that way.

Blue Edged Bedding and Pillows from Anne Becker of Paris

Linen covered Chaise Lounge and Bag from Bodie and Fou

Monogrammed Linen Covered Lampshades from Charlotte Casadejus

3 Linen Sachets from The Lazy Environmentalist

Linen Lavender Filled Pillow from Parma Lilac

Linen and Black Wallpaper from Secondhand Rose

White/Grey Nightdress Cases from Vanille

Remember, if you have any great links to items relating to today's look just put them in the comments below.

Click image for a larger view