Purse Freebie: Ron Herman "Snow White" Tote ...

June 7, 2007

**Purse Freebie: Ron Herman “Snow White Tote” **
No competition, the purse deal of the days belongs to this Ron Herman freebie. While supplies last, when you purchase any Kidada for Disney Couture goodie you will receive the limited edition Ron Herman “Snow White Tote”. This is the only picture that the site has available so sorry the picture is so small and doesn’t show much detail. The tote looks pretty cute to me, would make a great day tote, plus it’s free so what’s not to love.

So if you are planning on purchasing any Kidada for Disney Couture jewelry don’t forget to get your freebie at Ron Herman! Check it out….

update: I was browsing and discovered this pic of Nicole Richie decked out in Kidada for Disney Couture jewelry - LOVE IT ALL!

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