Purely Perfect


Having flawless skin has never been as important as it is this season. Well, ok it was important last season too but somehow the pressure is on now don’t you think? Thank goodness this editor discovered a mediating cure between problematic skin and the natural look of a tinted moisturizer. Maybelline’s Pure.Makeup Foundation is smart enough to cover my imperfections without covering my face in an inch of heavy foundation. And the best part? It doesn’t carry that Armani almost foundation price tag!

Formulated with 50% water instead of pore-clogging oils, Pure.Makeup is shine free and compatible for all skin types. Available in drugstores wherever Maybelline is sold, at a wallet friendly price of approximately $5.99, and with companion products Pure.Concealer and Pure.Powder, Maybelline’s Pure products just might surprise you.