Protest Groups Call off Royal Wedding Protest


The protest group who applied for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey on the day of the Royal Wedding have held a news conference, stating that they will not be protesting in London on Friday.

The group, Muslims Against Crusades, had applied to the Metropolitan Police for permission to hold a protest on Friday 29th April, outside the Abbey as the wedding took place. The police denied the request, causing the group to threaten to protest elsewhere in London. Another protest group, the English Defence League, warned that they would defend the Royal couple and their wedding day.

A spokesperson for the group held an unplanned press conference in London today, and urged Muslims to stay away from London and the celebrations. He announced that the group had decided to stay away for fear of being hurt by the public, a fear reinforced by the loud heckling as he spoke.

Meanwhile, detectives leading the huge security operation have appealed to the public to assist with keeping the peace. A force spokesperson asked guests at the event to become the policeโ€™s eyes and ears, reporting suspicious behaviour to one of the 5,000 officers as soon as possible.

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