7 Products to Make You Feel Girly ...

There are lots of times when you just want some products to make you feel girly. Do you ever wake up and feel particularly feminine some days? I know I surely do! I just want to wear pink ruffles and lace and bows and lipstick all day long! Well, on those days, of course you need some things to make sure you feel girly all day! And the regular stuff you use just might not cut it! So here are 7 products to make you feel girly! Go ahead and use them-you will not be sorry! I guarantee you will even recommend them to a friend. Or maybe two!

1. Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art

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Price: $10.00 at sephora.com

You know how wearing a dress with sweet florals and pastels can make you feel all girly and giggly? Well, it's the same thing with these nail polishes! They are all sweet pastel shades and you will love how girly your tips feel! So go ahead and pick up a few, you will not regret it!

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