PRODUCT FIND: Iriestar Cupcake SoapsBrand New from...


PRODUCT FIND: Iriestar Cupcake SoapsBrand New from Iriestar.

Sooo cute! It's Cupcake Soap!

It's their unique signature item. Decorated by hand with real dried flowers. 

In three essential oil scents:

Lavender ( decorated with lavender bud sprinkles and a rosebud in the center. )

Lemongrass (decorated with yarrow blooms.)

new  Sweet and Spicy Mint.  (scent is a blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Clove, Cardamon and Balsam Peru and colored with cocoa and sprinkled with cinnamon and mint leaves. A jasmine bloom and clove buds stud the center.)

Also new:

Soap on a Rope.String them from the towel racks, from hooks, and from anything that will sit still. No more meltaway soap. Finally a soap on a rope that looks pretty!

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