Prince Charles’ Highgrove Sold out - Where It All Went?


Reportedly, Prince Charles’ five-piece organic treatment line called “Highgrove” recently got sold out and I can’t help but wonder if either Camilla Parker-Bowles bought all of them (or perhaps Prince William and Prince Harry bought tons for their girlfriends) or people just got too curious as to why in the world would a Prince sell these kinds of stuff (I’m wondering the same thing).

The line, which was sold via Organic Pharmacy stores and Prince Charles’ boutiques, is accordingly inspired by plants that grow in the garden of Prince Charles’ country house. Why “Highgrove”? It’s the name of his estate in Gloucestershire.

Now if you’re one of the lucky few who got to buy products off the treatment line, what can you say about the products?

Do they really work or are they just pure hyped-up stuff?

Photo credit: The Cut