Price of Humanitarianism

A momentary departure from films and screenwriting --

Those who have never held a high level government position can't possibly imagine how agonizing it is to make decisions that affect the health and safety of people. Nor can we fully grasp the complexity of balances and bargains must be struck. I'm trying to remember this as I think of my friends trapped in Beirut but beneath my controlled demeaner, I'm screaming, "Somebody, do something!"

Cynicism dictates that people not get off their sofas or step outside their comfort zones to do humanitarian work. Just cross your fingers and hope somebody else goes, does, or writes the check. I don't hang out with people that think that way. My circle of friends go, do and write checks. They make personal and financial sacrifices to serve their fellow man. Sound cheesey and artificial? Think there's an ulterior motive or economic denominator? Then you're probably part of that cynical group.

Some people just step up. No reward. None wanted. But often, a price.