Preen Yourself


>> There's no doubt about it, the British duo behind Preen is still obsessed with satin jumpsuits, sheer lace, and the color blue: all three carried over from their Spring collection. The label's second New York outing brought early nineties grunge with a hint of glam, and the result had its hits (the jumpsuits, most of the dresses) and its misses (the dated-looking plastic belt loops, highwaisted pleated pants, the scrunched thick socks).

I would pass on some of the more grungified plaid and shearling looks, but the strapless sequin dress, Karlie Kloss' asymmetrical one-sleeved dress, and the belted black sleeveless trench dress I'm game for. Meanwhile, Catherine McNeil's cocoon coat and croc-imprint leggings ensemble, plus all the jumpsuits, bring to mind Stella McCartney wear

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