Pre-order Update from Anya Hindmarch on Her Bag That Isn't Plastic, as Seen on Reese and Keira and Lilly


Anya Hindmarch's website just sent out an update to US customers who a re looking to pre-order her bag that isn't plastic. Apparantly, pre-order entitlements will be given to only a select few of those registered for email updates via her website, since Anya expects the site to be clobbered upon release. (Quit fooling yourself about the popularity of your bag, Anya - at least half of those folks are eBay power sellers.) So if you'd like to be considered for the lucky few, sign up for email updates while you still have time on her site.She's just now released locations and details on quantities and prices and what not - all now viewable on her site. Girls, brace yourself for June 20th.

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