Pop Nosh: Thora Birch Has a Creepy Dad!

thora birch can now join a support group for gals w/ creepy dads headed up by the simpson sisters!

yikes! anyone want to take a guess as to who took paris hilton's virginity? for sure a surprise!

justin timberlake wanted to take amy winehouse to dine while she was in LA but she said no no no!

oh how fun! you must check out my pals over @ socialite's life w/ their new fashion disaster game!

rehab can be good on many levels - britney spears apparently lost 10 pounds while doing her stint

woo hoo! have a listen to new tracks off tori amos' album 'american doll posse' courtesy of AOL!

are brad pitt and angelna jolie planning to get hitched during an easter wedding in the carribean?

kristen cavallari gets press wherever she can - even while getting lasik surgery on her eyes - ugh

it's official! singer james blunt & model petra nemcova have split - supposedly on amicable terms

oh man - i should have went back to the after party for the tudors to witness this mess in person

who else will admit they watched 'dancing w/ the stars' last night? i had it on in the background!

kimberly stewart is hanging all over her ex-bf cisco adler who recently split w/ mischa barton...

scott weiland's wife was arrested after burning his clothes in a fight - i smell a reality fire!

everyone should watch out when she's around...victoria beckham's nipples can actually kill you!

don't forget the always fashionable & cool gwen stefani will play advisor tonight on american idol

but the real burning question tonight is what will sanjaya malakar's hair be like this week?!?

kevin costner has been quite proactive in keeping hair on his head - check out before & after pics

last but not least - it's time to build a little pajiba in your soul w/ their daily trade round-up!

bjork violently happy**what the buck?** on american idol

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