Pop Nosh: Dina Lohan Loves Free Booze & Excuses ...

dina lohan got her free drinks on & then made up some excuse about signing a DJ named justin?!?

oh these two totally confuse me as well...are travis barker and shanna moakler together or not?

there'll be a 3rd season of 'the hills'! hopefully lauren will run heidi & spencer out of town!

yikes! it looks like johnny cash & wife june didn't want barry gibb living in their house...

i wonder if paris tells her boyfriends about her herpes or maybe she assumes they already know?

oh no! we won't be seeing a reality show with naomi campbell finding herself a new assistant :(

say it ain't so - there's a live action movie in the works based on those heinous bratz dolls!

in case you missed it here's halle berry topless and damn sexy in the latest issue of 'esquire'

sean penn is finding himself in the midst of a hawaiian drama surrounding ancient burial grounds!

anna nicole's scuzzy family is crawling out of the woodwork - here's her sister with a new book...

marcia cross lands on the cover of 'people' w/ her new twin babies - their pose seems so awkward?

does anyone want to take a wild guess at what bruce willis is looking at in this red carpet pic?

vince vaughn is not looking cute these days - here's to him getting his scruffy act together...

oh yes there's reports of trouble between jen lopez & marc anthony (i'd love to see 'em split!)

hell yeah if i were rachel mcadams i'd be itching to get hitched to mega hottie ryan gosling too!

i hate to admit it but yes i'm sort of looking forward to the new season of 'the simple life'...

here's a report from ken levine on his attendance at last night's 'american idol' latin themed show

pat benetar love is a battlefield**what the buck?** on ANTM & more!

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