Pocket Shots: Love It or Hate It?


I'm all about portable alcohol. I've been known to fill bottles of water with vodka, and slide a flask full of whiskey into my purse. But I'm not to sure about Pocket Shots, the "brand new way to enjoy your favorite hard liquor." These little babies are unbreakable, flexible, squishy packets that fit comfortably into a pocket allowing you to have a shot of alcohol anytime, anywhere. Do we really need a shot of liquor anytime, anywhere??? And are they really unbreakable? What if you drunkenly sit on the Pocket Shot in your back pocket?? I'm pretty skeptical about these, what do you guys think? Pocket shots, do you love them or hate them?

Source: Gizmodo

Pocket Shots: Love It Or Hate It?

Love it

Hate it


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