Plus Size Elisabeth Stores Closing


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If you are a fan of the plus-size Elisabeth arm of Liz Clairborne there is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that a reorganization means that the Elisabeth line is getting assimilated back into Liz Clairborne and their stand-alone stores are closing. The good news is a massive clearance sale planned for March (with it's own soon-to-be-launched dedicated website) which will go on until everything is gone. According to a blurb in the Detroit Free Press, the reason being given is that Liz Clairborne needs to focus on their other more profitable lines such as Juicy Couture and Lucky Jeans. It's strange that so many women wear larger sizes and yet there are only a few larger clothing lines that are able to remain profitable. Do larger women buy less than smaller women?

[via Fatshionista]

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