Please Pray for Nick Hogan

oh my gosh! tonight TMZ is reporting about nick hogan (son of hulk hogan) who was in a very serious car crash tonight with a friend down in clearwater florida...

law enforcement tells tmz the accident occurred around 7:31 pm et. according to police, a toyota supra, driven by nick bollea (hogan's real name), was traveling at a very high rate of speed when it lost control and hit a raised median. the car was flipped around and the back end hit a palm tree. the impact, we're told, "destroyed the entire car." the two male occupants were flown by medivac helicopter from the accident scene to a hospital in st. petersburg. we're told both men had "very very serious" injuries...READ FULL STORY

i was first introduced to him after i started watching his family's reality series hogan knows best over on VH1 - he came across as a really sweet kid - his mom linda & sister brooke must be freaking out along with his dad! my thoughts & prayers go out to the entire family (now they're saying he's in serious condition but his passenger is listed as critical...) car accidents totally freak me out (just take a look at pics of this crash) for sure one of the things i fear the most - you have to be so careful when you are driving! (i wouldn't say i'm the best driver (don't ask me to parallel park) but i'm not a crazy driver!) popbytes over & out for tonight - and please keep nick hogan in your thoughts - xxoo

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