Pink's Baby Bump... How Cute!


Earlier this week, pop star Pink was photographed out and about with her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart... with her baby bump in full display! Doesn't she look adorable... and happy?

While Pink hasn't released the sex of her first baby, she has been sharing her pregnancy experiences on Twitter. Here's a sampling of her recent baby-related tweets:

April 13: what i learned tonight in baby class: the most helpful thing my man can do in early labor, is feed his partner. i like it already...

April 12: now if someone would please help me with my pedicure, I can't reach my toes!!!!!!

April 7: yoga cures all

April 2: 12 hours of sleep. i haven't slept that much since i was a teenager!

March 28: i am the clumsiest i have ever been in my life. fell AGAIN today! i feel like my 92 yr old grammom in a shower with oil on my feet.

I think Pink looks gorgeous and glowing, and the baby bump is just adorable! When is she due? She looks like she'll be having the baby any day now!

Photo Credit: Splash News

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