Pink Sugar Dots Has Perfect Holiday Cards for the Glamour Girl


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Do people send actual paper Holiday cards through -- gasp! -- snail mail anymore? Do they really?

While we understand that life moves pretty fast and during the Holidays accelerates to superhuman speeds, there's still something to be said about the girl who can take the time to send real Holiday cards, not a three-line email sent to a contact list that's copied onto the bcc: field. Pink Sugar Dots makes sure that sending those Holidays cards is fun, too, with a line called "Holiday Cheer." The cards feature sassy little gals doing holiday shopping, playing santa, or, as every vixen should be, just being herself.

The best part of Pink Sugar Dots' cards? They are personalized to you, so technically, the only thing you have to do is address the envelope and stick a stamp on it. That might even be easier than tracking down all those email addresses.

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