Pete Wentz Opens "loser" Bar in NYC


Fall Out Boy singer Pete Wentz celebrated the opening of his NYC bar last night with girlfriend Ashlee Simpson. Wentz and a few friends decided to open Angels & Kings in the East Village so they will have a place where "all our loser friends can hang out." Wentz says he is tired of the pretentious club scene and wanted to have somewhere more relaxed to go to. "It's different when you want to bring your friends to a place...and maybe we're just not cool enough to get in. We really just want someplace where we can hang out and be ourselves... I'm just gonna be local and drink umbrella drinks. It will be a bit of a dive, which we need," Wentz told One of his co-owners added, "[It's] a place that anyone can go and have sex in the bathroom and not get in trouble."

Via New York Post