Perhaps the Worst Decision Ever ...

There was a time when I had decided on **The **Shoesthat I would wear on The Big Day.

Well, that was then and this is now.


I think I might be wearing Crocs on my wedding day. I know how terrible of an idea this is in terms of aestethics!!!! I KNOW. But here's the thing, now that I'm "with young" I'm no longer all too concerned with the whole idea of trying to be the typical "princess" bride. Well, not that I was concerned with that to begin with but I was at least trying to play it up for as much as it was worth.

The thing of it is for as much as the love/hate relationship does exist in the general public - that of which I was a participant of the "hate" side - They are UNBELIEVABLY comfortable!!! You just have no idea. I got myself a burgundy Mary Jane pair and I have basically worn them done to nothing. And even though the puppy chewed off one of the straps, I STILL wear them to run about the house.

It's been my intention to replace them since I've worn down the treads because I practically have lived in them alone since starting my teaching job but that brings up the whole question of what color. Do I get another burgundy pair that go with everything? Or, now that the wedding is a MONTH and a HALF away (Oh my land I cannot believe it!) and I'm now that much more open to wearing Crocs with my wedding dress (with the incredible searching I've done to find comfortable shoes that I won't topple over in now that my center of gravity has changed), I'm thinking maybe I should get a pair that I could wear with my wedding dress?

Behold the silver Mary Jane Crocs that I found:

Even I don't have the impaired judgment though I am such a fan now after faithfully wearing them to note that these are... less than pretty.


(No offense to you if you own these or if you like these. Seriously.)

What to do what to do.

I just don't know.

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