Perfect Love?

**By Melissa Gonzalez **

As children, we were quite often told we could be whatever we wanted. We could grow up to be a teacher, an astronaut, or even the late night sex therapist you see on those women’s television networks. Whatever we dreamt of surely became an object within grasp. Although, while the professional or even material milestones are always obtainable, why were we never warned that in love… we aren’t always allowed to have what we want?

It’s easy to brush this fact off with the excuse of it being someone else keeping you from your ideal love, but when is it that you step in and question what’s preventing you from having the perfect companion? In my case, I just assume it’s me. Not in a self-pity sort of way, but rather something in me that the other person doesn’t view as compatible. But what if it’s not just something we can’t achieve? Why is the perfect marriage or great boyfriend something that is just as unobtainable as a Berkin handbag to an average hard working gal?

Maybe we’ve been set up. Perhaps the perfect love is something that no one can ever have, no matter their career or lifestyle or personal choices. There’s always something wrong, something needing improving, or a person needing change. So what’s the point in trying to fix what we just as easily can settle on? Because we can. A single girl shouldn’t be limited to a Stouffer’s lean cuisine and an ancient rerun of Match Game on a Friday night.

We’re thirsty for more, so I can't help but inquire…why not question the things that may be keeping us from being in** a relationship that makes us happiest?**

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