People Watch Vol. 3: Fashion Week Edition Pt. 1


Pictures from day 1. Enjoy the show!

Encountered this lovely lady inside the LYCRA tent. Bedhead, natural makeup and perfectly mismatched style! Do you love her? I think she’s great! A nice diversion from from the wide assortment of all-black or neutrals I had been seeing most of the day.

Anyone recognize this statuesque hottie? Why yes, it’s my good friend Rachel Michaela from Style Bites, looking very much like the awesome stylist that she is in her slammin’ wide-legged, high-waisted pants!

Spotted this French cutie — a fashion photographer from ‘Adam Magazine’ — and just had to take his pic. Anyone rockin’ chops and chucks to fashion week gets my vote! Plus, check out his cool gun/wallet chain accessory. This guy just oozes Rockabilly-nouveau chic!

Another friend of mine, Kristen Kelly aka Beauty Addict, got swarmed by Fashion File TV and Japanese photographers when she stepped on the scene is this killer outfit and it’s easy to see why! Sidenote: I wonder where she got those super fresh shoes?!!!