Paris Hilton's Ice Cube Chanel Purse


I love Chanel’s classic 2.55 bag in almost all its incarnations, and marvel at how they keep coming up with fresh ideas for the very iconic bag. When Chanel released the Ice Cube line, I was on the fence, particularly on the 2.55 flap. The handbag is made by attaching vinyl cubes onto metallic lambskin, thereby resembling the quilting of classic Chanels. It’s a fun, modern and daring take on a beloved design. And at $1,650, it is relatively affordable for Chanel. After seeing Paris Hilton toting the bag at a Miami party, I’ve made up my mind about this 2.55. As a general rule of thumb for me, anything on Paris is not for me. If this bag floats your boat, call your local Chanel boutique for more info.

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