Paris Hilton New Single- Enough of Her Songs Please!


Did you like Paris Hilton's song "Stars Are Blind"? I do admit that it has that kinda nod-your-head, catchy vibe to it. But another single from her is just too much for my system to take – so pleaassee!!!

The title of the single is "My BFF". Here's a preview of the oh-so-deep lyrics:

…All my life I've been waiting for someone I can trust

Someone who will tell me the truth

Even when it's the hard thing to say…

The single premiered on KIIS-FM – and I swear that her voice (if that is indeed her voice) sounds like a cross between Heidi Montag, Hillary Duff and whoever teen drama queen is 'ruling' the airwaves at the moment!

The single was released in time with the October premiere of her MTV show "My New BFF". Enough of the nauseating news now,,, next!!!

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