Paris Hilton Gets Exposed

Remember when Paris Hilton forgot to pay her bill for a storage facility and all her stuff was sold to an unidentified buyer? Well the owner of all that wonderful crap launched yesterday which has a collection of photographs, home videos, diaries, love letters, recorded phone conversations, and phone numbers of friends and celebrities, which were all left behind in the storage facility. The site charges a monthly fee of $39.97 to gain access to footage of her in a "sexy bubble bath" video, as well as various shots of her in "racy situations" and footage of her drinking and using illegal substances.

Who exactly would pay for this stuff? A quick Google search will get you three hundred shots of Paris Hilton's vagina and a video of her having sex. And we've already seen her love letters, so the only interesting thing this site actually offers is her diary. And why would you pay $39.97 to read a book filled with "I like boys" written in crayon on every page?