Parasuco "it" Denim ...

Parasuco **is a Montreal based jeans company that has quietly emerged (and grown up) as an international fashion brand with a cult-like following. “Donna Italia” (famous Italian mag) listed Parasucoas one of the **top 10 hottest denim brands in the world.

I had a month full of Parasuco. First San Francico during my shopping spree, and then my galpal Irena and I descended upon the** VIP grand opening for **Vancouver. We’re often on the ‘what’s new’ social circuit, and this party stood out as a great collection of **"it" people, music, food, cocktails, and fashion. **Their opening was 1st class, and a great addition to the Vancouver fashion scene.

The store’s Greco-Roman design (the stunning chandelier a piece of art) with soaring ceilings features men’s and women’s denim, distressed neutrals (grey, moss, cream, white), and the popular house label cult tees **and **blazers.

My favorite detailings were lots of top stitch embroidery, and a few subtle ruffly numbers. Oh! one particular fav dressy tee had a surprising eyelet back. And capri jeans with fun, bright orange stitching.

Don’t judget the collection purely by what you see on the website, that’s just one part of the collection. My favorites aren’t even on the site, and watch for the higher endMademoiselle Parasuco Collection.

P.S. Next month they open in LA.

Image (store): [Via I am Fashion: Mademoiselle Parasuco]
Image (denim): [Via Kris Krug]

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